Reset and Stay Ready for 2023

Unlike “nice” lists, written New Year’s Resolutions aren’t often checked twice.

Whether it’s due to discouragement or ambitiousness, our New Year’s goals tend to get left behind like vegan turkeys on Thanksgiving. That’s why we’re resolving to make reaching your health and wellness goals as sustainable as possible for 2023!

This January, Pure for Men has just what you need to have a better New Year than Ryan Seacrest in a way that’s both realistic and natural-istic!

(W)Hole Body Health

What if we told you that you could work on your sexual, digestive, and physical health goals all at the same time? 

"...let the plant-based ingredients get things moving, get things out, and get your metabolism back on track!"

Well, if we said that then we would be telling the truth since our Stay Ready fiber capsules and Reset supplements come in a convenient New Year, New You Bundle to make 2023 as easy as 1-2-3! The first item in the bundle is a 30ct Reset supply designed to help your body transition from those holiday binges to more moderate eating habits. Simply take 1-2 of the cleansing supplements daily for up to 10 days (while rehydrating ofc) to let the plant-based ingredients get things moving, get things out, and get your metabolism back on track!

pfm blog stay ready and reset for 2023 new year new you bundle

The other item in the bundle is our 120ct Stay Ready fiber capsules, packed with vegan fiber and nutrient-dense ingredients for long-term use. Combine exercise routines, healthy eating, and 2-3 fiber capsules total taken twice a day to get things regular for digestive health as well as for easy prep time for something other than New Year’s kisses. To further help reach your resolutions, they also improve hangover recovery, support heart health, and keep your stomach full for weight management!

Multi Level Mindfulness

After the past few years we’ve had, goals of stress reduction, better mental health, and balanced well-being are trending for the New Year. 

Lifestyle practices like therapy, physical activity, and nutrition are essential for meeting these goals, but that doesn’t make them easy to stick to! While there’s no substitute for these practices, there is a way to help you stay on track during those times when you’re not feeling yoga or you’re celebrating your month-long birthday. Our daily Multivitamin goes beyond those supplements based on an animated ’60s series by being made with vegan ingredients and specifically for men’s nutritional needs. 

pfm blog stay ready and reset for 2023 health you bundle man exercising stretching

Taking two a day of these mineral and vitamin-packed pills will help fill nutritional gaps, maintain immunity, boost energy, and regulate stress levels in addition to healthy habits!

Self-Care From Skin to Hair

Everyone wants to look and feel their best for the New Year, and while you may or may not have the contouring abilities to do so, our Beauty Multi can help bring your inner beauty out.

Taking these biotin and vitamin-rich gummy supplements twice a day will support your skin, hair, and nail health in addition to maintaining your immune system. Use this with your self-care and daily maintenance routines and your looks will be guaranteed to stay timeless no matter when the ball drops! (Bonus points if you also use our Face Collection and Bum Balm for your beauty goals!)

Stay Ready and Fine for Auld Lang Syne!

New Year’s resolutions aren’t limited to the last and the first month of the year, they are goals for any day with no strict timeline.

No matter if it’s January or June, Pure for Men is here to keep you feeling your best year-round from our Fiber Supplements to our Sex Collection in 2023 and beyond!

Stay Ready and Stay Rockin’ this New Year’s Eve!




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