Importance of Investing in a Bidet

Despite their usefulness and simple, ergonomic luxury, bidets are only widely used in a handful of countries. We really regret North America’s lack of interest in the oh-so-wonderful and hygienic bidet, and we have made it a part of our mission to help you stay ready from daytime to playtime. Our premium toilet attachment is easy to install, mounts onto any toilet, and leaves you clean and confident every time you go.

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We all know the nightmare of endless wiping, too much toilet paper, and... “butt crumbles.” We also know how a messy experience in the bathroom can damage confidence in the bedroom. To avoid this disaster, and for a faster, easier, and more thorough clean, a bidet is everything you need. The precise, targeted spray gently hits every spot so you can stay fresh and ready for playtime.

"You’ll be saving money, saving time, and saving the trees every time you use your bidet..."


Imagine how much money you spend a year on toilet paper for your home. Now imagine never buying it again. That’s how investing in a bidet pays for itself, on top of all its other benefits. You’ll be saving money, saving time, and saving the trees every time you use your bidet, and each use only requires about a pint of water to thoroughly clean your bum.


More than just convenient and cost-effective, using a bidet has health benefits as well! When you use toilet paper there is a higher chance of transferring bacteria from the hands to the anus. Not to mention, over-wiping can result in tiny abrasions to the sensitive skin in and around the anus, putting you at greater risk for fissures, hemorrhoids, and infection. Bidets are ideal for people experiencing sensitivity in that region due to a medical condition, surgery, or particularly rough play.

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At Pure For Men, it is our mission to enhance your confidence and pleasure in the bedroom, by tackling the common source of discomfort: your digestive health and hygiene. Our fiber supplements are a game-changer for men who want to have clean and confident anal sex without relying on douching - the proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients makes bowel movements smooth, regular, and easy. If you combine a fiber supplement routine with the luxurious ease of a bidet, your health and hygiene regimen will be on a new level, and you’ll be unstoppable. Browse our site for even more ways to stay ready and live your best life!


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