Easy Prep in 2 Steps

Just how RuPaul and Michelle Visage go together, douching and fiber go hand in hand to make prep time as easy as a lip sync challenge.

Our Stay Ready™ Fiber Capsules and Stay Ready™ Fiber Powder are still the best ways to keep things clear, but a little help from our new Bum Bulb can come in handy for when you need an extra rinse. The only tricky thing, however, is knowing exactly how and when to use each product for playtime.

To help clear some things up, we’re going deep into this dive of douching and fiber-ing to Stay Ready! 

Pure For Men Stay Ready Fiber

Fiber for Forever

Whether you’re a fiber capsule or powder person, taking these Pure for Men supplements daily keeps things naturally flowing sans laxatives.

Made with only vegan ingredients like psyllium husk and chia seeds, they work to support digestion for long-term gut health and everlasting readiness from bathroom to bottom! Unlike douching, these are designed for everyday use either through 1 powder scoop taken twice daily or 2-3 capsules taken twice throughout the day.

Once starting our fiber routine, they work fairly quickly to get things regular and ready in a gentle way, but for a short-term cleanse we also recommend our Reset!

Pure For Men Bum Bulb

Bum Bulb for the Between Times

Sometimes our dietary fiber capsules may take some time to kick in, or your body may need an extra push beyond what fiber can do within a short time frame, or you may even want to be 100% sure you’re ready for your first date night. This is when douching with our Bum Bulb can become an ESSENTIAL part of prep time!

This rubber bulb is completely reusable and made without silicone, phthalates, latex, and BPA. It also comes with a plastic, yet smooth, detachable nozzle along with a 3-ounce holding capacity for water. Before and after use, it’s easy to care for it by washing both parts with warm water and then air drying it. 

The only tiny hitch with the Bum Bulb compared to our Stay Ready™ Fiber is that using it isn’t as simple as taking a capsule. It’s a more involved process that starts by filling the douche with lukewarm water, inserting part of the tip with lube into your designated ready area, squeezing the bulb to start the water rinse, holding the water inside for a few moments, and then releasing AFTER the nozzle has been removed (IYKYK!). This process needs to be repeated until the water comes out clear and sometimes a brief waiting period is recommended for any stray water to vacate.

Best of Both Worlds

If you skipped reading the first half, basically our Stay Ready™ Fiber Capsules are the best prep time strategy while our Bum Bulb is great as an add-on for those sticky situations! They’re basically like the Pure for Men version of Sonny & Cher when douching is used in moderation and fiber is used regularly. 

Having both products available gives you flexibility in how you prep, as well as eliminates any temptation for laxatives or chia seed exclusive weeklong diets, so you can be ready for play no matter the day!

Go Both Ways With Pure for Men

Just how Destiny’s Child isn’t the same without Beyoncé, Pure for Men’s Bum Bulb isn’t effective without our Stay Ready™ Fiber Supplements

Staying ready isn’t about using one or the other, but using BOTH in perfect harmony like Drag Race and their eternal network switches!

Stay Ready, Stay Regular, and Stay Rinsin’! 



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